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We invite you to visit a BNI meeting or contact us to discover how you can grow your business as a member of BNI.


312-515 Consumers RoadToronto, ON M2J 4Z2
Toronto, ON M2J 4Z2
M2J 4Z2

Phone 1 800 365 2276
Fax 1 888 798 9377

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Janet Bjorn, National Director, 514 332 7508/1-888-3, Send Message
Judy Simons, National Director, 1-416-652-9098, Send Message
Kai Bjorn, National Director, 514-332-7508/1-888-3, Send Message
Don Morgan, National Admin, 1.800.365.2276, Send Message
Richard Cox, National Admin, 1-514-332-7508, Send Message BNI

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